When modern  map gets  peevish  amid  population explosion, among and strident sound, at the time a hill top, a secluded votive structure, native entourage have a definite prim in bringing out a psychological change, this man does not hesitate to take a granting steps, leaving behind all temporal trash. The temple of Balakumari, after an ascension of 1240 steps with all these necessary features provides unostentatious rejoinder. The temple reigned by Goddess Durga is frequented by people of many parts of Southern Orissa and near areas of Andhra Pradesh. 

Fairs & Festivals

Sanskranti day of each month and all Tuesdays




Nearest railway Station is Berhampur 30 kms.                                                                       


3 kms from Chikiti. Just right on the Berhampur-Chikiti State Highways.

Accommodation Facilities

Nearest accommodation facilities at Way side Amenities Centre, Bhaliagada near Girisola (16 kms)

Distance from



52 kms.

State Capital

208 kms.