Nestling in  the  heart  of coastal  Orissa,  Chilika is India’s biggest inland lake. Spread over 1,100 square kilometers stretching across the length of the three districts of Puri, Khurdha and Ganjam and finally joins the Bay of Bengal through narrow mouth, forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water.

Dotted with many emerald green islands with colourful names such as Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island, Chilika is home to a rich variety of aquatic fauna. It is also a sanctuary and winter resort for migratory birds, some coming from as far as Siberia.

Containing a large variety of fish, the lake provides a livehood to thousands of fisherman. Hundreds of boats sail out daily on the lake’s blue expanse in search of mackerel, prawn and crabs- the sight providing an insight into the pageant of rural India at its colourful best.

Encircled by hills all along its arched shape shores, Chilika lake’s colour changes with passing clouds  and the shifting sun. The water ripples languidly, occasionally dancing with a gentle breeze from across the Bay of Bengal.

Attraction within the Lake

Nalabana : An asylum for long-range migrants in winter.

Birds Island : A haven for resident and migratory birds.

Kalijai : Adobe of the island Goddess” Kalijai”.

Parikuda & Malud : Colourful islands with the lake.




South Eastern Railway touches this place.


Similarly  National  Highways- 5  touches  Rambha.


For cruising inside the lake, visitors can be hired motor launches of Orissa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. and country boats from private operators at Rambha.


There is a commodious tourist bungalow named ‘Panthanivas’ from where one can best be enjoyed Chilika the nature’s queen.

Distance from


Dist Headquarters

26 Kms. 

State Capital

131 kms.