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Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Ganjam, Chatrapur

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National Food Security Act (NFSA)- 2013

The National Food Security Act (NFSA)- 2013 is effective since 5th July, 2013 to provide food and nutrition security in human life cycle approach.

It includes integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Mid- Day Meal(MDM) and Target Public Distribution System(TPDS) as components to supply subsidized and nutritious food grains. TPDS covers 67% population(75%of Rural and 50% of Urban population ) with a uniform entitlement of 5 kg of food grains per persons per month@ Rs. 3/-, Rs.2/-, Rs1/- per kg for Rice , Wheat and Coarse Grain respectively(Priority Households)

This Act mandates the Central Government to fix the ceiling for coverage of urban and Rural population in each State/UT. In case of Odisha it is 82.17% of rural and 55.77% of urban population which translates to be 78% of the total population of the State.

It provides for the TPDS reforms through doorstep delivery of food grains at Fair Price Shops and application of information and communication Technology(ICT) tools including end-to-end computerization to ensure transparent recording of transaction at all levels.

It provides for eldest woman of the household of 18 years of age or above to be the head of the household for the purpose of issuance of ration cards.

It provides for grievance redressal mechanism through creation of State Food Commission(FSC) at State level and District Grievance Redressal Officer(DGRO) at District level to monitor implementation of the Act. At district level hear grievances, address those and taken necessary action as per the provision of the Act.

Antodaya Anna Yojana(AAY)

Under this schemes, every eligible household is entitled at 35kgs of food grain per month @Re. 1/ – per kg and continue as before distribution of which to be done through existing PDS. Out of Total population of Odisha as per census, 2011, 232148 nos of family members have been covered under this scheme.


Under this scheme rice is distributed to destitute citizens who are above the age of 65 years at free of cost. The scheme exclusively benefits those aged people who are not included under the National Old Age Pension Scheme.

PHH (Priority House Holds)

Under this scheme (Priority Households) is entitled to get (@5 kg per person per month of Rice or Wheat or both, @Re. 1/ – per kg)

  • Household which fulfills any of the following criteria would be covered as a beneficiary under NFSA, 2013.
  • Household without shelter.
  • Household with destitute who is living on alms.
  • All households of Primitive Tribal Groups.
  • Household having a widow pension holder under Central or State Govt.Scheme.
  • Household having a person with disabilities of 40% or more.

Odisha State Food Security Scheme(SFSS)

This scheme has been launched by Govt. of Odisha on 2nd October, 2018 (Gandhi Jayanti) to provide subsidized food to poor in the state. The scheme provides rice at the rate of Rs. 1 per kilogram to the poor in the state. The main objective of the scheme is to make sure that everyone has food and on one is left out without food.
Under this scheme every family member is entitled to get 5kg per month at Rs. 1 per kg. The scheme is primarily for those who were left out of National food Security Act. 2013(NFSA),
State Food Security Scheme Eligibility

  • Residents of Odisha state only
  • Applicable only to Below Poverty Line(BPL) families.

S.K Oil under Public Distribution System

All the eligible family/ration card holder under NFSA, 2013 and SFSS, 2018 are entitled to get 2 Ltr S.K.Oil per family.

Allotment of Rice under Welfare institution and Hostels (Govt.) Scheme

The Allotment of Rice for all the 102 nos of welfare Institutions/Hostels in the district has been calculated @ 15Kgs per boarder per month provisionally. Actual distribution of Rice shall be made @ 15Kg per month per boarder in case of adults, @ 8.5 Kg per boarder per month in case of Child Care Institutions and @ Rs 1/- (Govt. Owned / Run Institutions/ Hostels)


The Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation(OSCSC) Ltd., Ganjam is agency for paddy Procurement in Ganjam District. 134462 nos of farmers have been registered for the purpose. 389 nos of Primary Agriculture Credit Societies , 01 no. of Pani Pachayat, 52 nos of Women Self Help Group and 375 millers have been participated for the Paddy procurement for 2019-20 in the district