District Fishery


Ganjam District is considered to be one of the potential aquaculture resources districts of the state in the form of Freshwater 11580.0ha, Brackish water 4023.04ha & Marine Fisheries with 60Km. coast line. These resources are very much suitable for pond culture, reservoir fisheries & shrimp culture. It provide an excellent opportunity to develop pisciculture for increasing fish production to meet the growing demand of the people as well as play a significant role for providing employment opportunity to the rural poor.

District Fisheries Officer looks after the development of fisheries sector of the District with assistance from Addl. Fisheries officer, Junior Engineer., Inspector of Cooperative Society (Fy) etc at Dist level & Asst. Fisheries Officers station at Block level under the direct supervision of DDF (GZ), Berhampur. SFTAs & JFTAs are assisting at different level as per requirement.


  • 1. To produce spawn and fry for providing quality fish seed to the Pisciculturists.
  • 2. To develop incremental water area through different schemes to increase fish production.
  • 3. To render training to pisciulturists on modern scientific pisciculture for skill up gradation to increase productivity and thereby production.
  • 4. To develop pisciculture in Reservoirs/ M.I.Ps through PFCS & SHGs by stocking advance fingerlings and installation of Cages.
  • 5. To implement “Odisha Marine Fishing Regulation Act. 1982”
  • 6. To provide assistance to affected fisher due to conservation of Turtle during fishing ban period.

    Several lucrative schemes are being implemented by the Fisheries Department in our state Odisha. Amongst the schemes some are solely State funded whereas most are being executed by both the State Government & Central Government. The objective of all the schemes is to increase the fish production and meet the demand along with socioeconomic development of the fish farmer and fisher community.

  • 1. Matsya Pokhari Yojana (MPY)
  • 2. Piciculture by WSHGs in GP leased tanks
  • 3. Prime Minister Surakhya Bima Yoyana
  • 4. Blue Revolution
  • a) Supply of subsidized FR Boat to fishers
  • b) Mechanization of Traditional Boat
  • c) Scholarship to children of fishers
  • d) Revolving fund to WSHGs
  • e) Encouraging fish production through Biofloc / RAS
  • 5. Assistance to fishers during fishing ban period.