District Social Welfare Office, Ganjam

Key Activities

  1. Model AWC ( Phase wise Development of  AWCs into Model Centers)
  2. Mamata Yojona ( Beneficiaries covered)
  3. Mission Shakti ( Seed Money ,Digital Support , trade wise SHG )
  4. Protection Cell Information ( Counselling and legal issues)
  5. Women Welfare activities ( 1 Stop Centre)

New initiative s of Ganjam district Administration for Women  & Child development

  • Mo Gelha Jhia(Improvement in Child Sex Ratio  at birth)
  • Swyamsidhha (Disaster management by WSHG)
  • Nirbhaya Kadhi( Prevention of Child marriage and Adolescent empowerment)
  • Godh Bharai (Welcoming New Pregnant Mothers to AWCs)
  • Suryamukhi ( 100% weighment of Children & malnutrition tracking)
  • GKSK (Gaon Krushi Seva Kendra) under Mission Shakti
  • Polythene free campaign by WSHG members and pre-School Children
  • Development of Kitchen garden

Model AWC

  • Total No of AWC-5141
  • Total number of AWC sanctioned by Govt. (Till today)-4480
  • Total number of AWC functioning in own building -2952
  • Total MODEL AWC developed -240 AWCs  with following facilities :
  • Children friendly Table and Chairs
  • Outdoor and indoor playing materials
  • Painting inside and outside
  • Kitchen garden with Green Fencing
  • Water and electricity facilities

Mamata :

Transition from Old to New guideline for MAMATA Yojona (Now Rs.5000/- is given in 2 Instalments)  where first instalment  (Rs.3000/-) is given after completion of 6 months of pregnancy & 2nd instalment (Rs.2000/-) is given when the baby after birth completes 10 months.


  • Total WSHGs in Ganjam District – 41211 involving 4,34,488 members under Mission Shakti
  • Total WSHGs (old & new) received Seed Money @ Rs.15000/- per SHG – 25,918 SHGs benefitted



  • MO GELHA JHIA is a new initiative launched by the district administration to improve child sex ratio at birth in Ganjam District. ( Launched as a sub-scheme of Biju Kanya Ratna Yojona only in GANJAM DISTRICT)
  • Inaugurated on 14.01.2019 at Chatrapur, the activities like fixed District & project level observations involving all line departments , home visits by Collector & eminent people’s representatives have sensitised communities to consider new born girls as “ KANYA RATNA’S”.
  • Key activities: District & Block Level gatherings , Home Visits to new bornes , Cake cuttings, Distribution of appreciation letter, sweets, baby care kit, distribution of fruit bearing plants etc.
  • Felicitation of 500 new born girls during district level observations.
  • Felicitation of 2400 new born girls in all G.P Level Observations
  • It is estimated that during both project & district level events, more that 14000 community members from all walks of life had gathered & got sensitized
  • All social media forums & media houses have captured  the activities under Mo Gelha Jhai. This has helped in wide publicity.
  • Improvement in sex ratio at Birth : It is praise worthy to note that the Child SEX Raio which was 854 in 2017 has improved to 937 per thousand males in 2019


  • Its mobilizing self interested Women Self Help Groups of Ganjam District functioning under the umbrella of Mission Shakti & OLM.( About 60,000 + WSHGs in Ganjam )
  • Make them self reliant to tackle natural or man-made disasters & help them to take quick decisions, which will lead to zero casualty and minimize loss of property.
  • Acceptability of WSHG members staying close/cohesively with the community will enable them to reach community members in distress.
  • Under this new initiative the new pregnant mothers are welcomed during occasions of VHNDs in AWCs of Ganjam District.
  • This creates a friendly environment in-between the AWW & the community members & in process of Communication & service delivery.
  • MCP( Mother & Child protection card is given to all such mothers
  • Further it will help district administration to implement desired plan of action & deliver resources.


  • It’s a new initiative & campaign to prevent child marriage’s in Ganjam District.
  • Committees are formed at Village , Gram Panchayat , Block & District Level to track the status of Adolescents & sensitize community members.
  • Each of the committees have different roles to play to avoid child marriages. ( Top to Bottom & Bottom to Top Approach)
  • Issue of Age certificate , compulsory verification of Adhar Card & HIV testing before marriage for both bride and groom (couples before marriage) are also taken up under this initiative
  • Listing of Adolescents (11 to 18 years) & sharing of list amongst line Department staff ( CDPOs) -list attached-
  • Monthly “Nirbhaya Kadhi” Meeting on 3rd Saturday (Every Month at AWC) (AWW – Member Convener)
  • Monthly G.P Level meeting to track status of Adolescents within the G.Ps (P.E.O – Chairman)
  • Bi-monthly Block level meeting to sort out problems of adolescents within the block ( BDO-Chairman)
  • Quarterly District Level Review Meeting on status of Child marriage prevention in various pockets of Ganjam District ( District Collector – Chairman)
  • Raise issues of Child marriage in the monthly meetings of WSHGs under the banner of Mission Shakti & OLM ( 60000+ meetings)
  • Distribution of 5141 Nirbhaya Kadhi Booklets to all AWWs of Ganjam District.
  • Distribution of 500 Nirbhaya Kadhi Booklets to DPC-SSA Office ,Chatrapur.
  • Involvement of all Govt. line departments ( Health , Police , PRI , School) for Nirbhaya Kadhi.
  • Right from the AWC/ASHA level the occurrence of Child Marriages to be bought to the notice of District Administration ( 5141 meetings every month)
  • At the ICDS sector level issues of Child marriages to be discussed by AWWs with Lady Supervisors ( 210 sector in Ganjam District).
  • Counseling to avoid early Child Marriage, getting back to school/ college, HIV testing for healthy married life by senior citizen/Opinion leaders from the community

Godh Bharai :

  • Under this new initiative the new pregnant mothers are welcomed during occasions of VHNDs in AWCs of Ganjam District.
  • This creates a friendly environment in-between the AWW & the community members & in process of Communication & service delivery.
  • MCP( Mother & Child protection card is given to all such mothers

Suryamukhi :

Team of AWWs were formed. Those AWWs were oriented on;

  1. Taking exact weighment & MUAC measurement
  2. Plotting & in Growth register & Community Growth Chart
  3. Referral & Counseling of children who are SAM, Severely Underweight & Moderately Underweight DURING VHND


Initially one such Kendra’s will be opened in each Sub-Division & later on Such kendras will be opened in all G.P level points; where farmers residing within a radius of 4-5 Kms would get benefitted”

Each unit will comprise of farm machinery that are commonly used for tillage operations for all crops, multi crop equipment and a minimum of crop specific machinery. ( Farmers access point)

  • GKSK will sell small equipment’s, fertilizer, pesticides and seeds. (Selling point)
  • GKSK will provide services to farmers related to farm sector. ( Improve technical Know-how of farmers & scope for incremental income)

Polythene Free Campaign in all villages & Urban areas of Ganjam District by AWC Children & WSHG members