Expenditure of Candidates

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Expenditure of Candidates
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S. DHARMARAJ REDDY-132 Gopalpur Assembly Constituency,INC 06/04/2019 View (3 MB)
PRADEEP KUMAR SETHY-127-Chhatrapur Assembly Constituency, CPI 05/04/2019 View (3 MB)
PRASANTA KUMAR KAR-127-Chhatrapur Assembly Constituency, BJP 05/04/2019 View (6 MB)
SASMITA KAR-127-Chhatrapur Assembly Constituency,Independent 05/04/2019 View (5 MB)
SURENDRA BEHERA-127-Chhatrapur Assembly Constituency,Independent 05/04/2019 View (941 KB)
SUBASH CHANDRA BEHERA-127-Chhatrapur Assembly Constituency, BJD 05/04/2019 View (9 MB)
Abani Kumar Gaya-133-Berhampur Assembly Constituency, Independent 06/04/2019 View (2 MB)
Sibani Sankar Mishra-133-Berhampur Assembly Constituency, SUCI (Communist) 03/04/2019 View (4 MB)
Rama Hari Behera- 127-Chatrapur A.C. , B.S.P. 05/04/2019 View (2 MB)
Jeebano Patro-133-Berhampur Assembly Constituency, Independent 03/04/2019 View (2 MB)