Samagra Sikhya Abhiyan

Samagra Sikhya Abhiyan Programmes

1. Madhu Aap :

  • This is a audio-video learning App. Where all students from Class-I to X will learn all the subjects from this App.

2. Khali Padaku Na :

  • Many children are coming to the school in bare foot for which they are getting infected by many diseases. But due to this programme now all the students are coming with shoes.

3. Water Bell :

A very healthy beautiful programme launched by District Administration. In general we must drink 3 Ltrs. of Water daily but our children are not consuming sufficient wter due to maximum time they remain in the school. Now in school water bell introduced. So at that time every children will drink the water.

4. Dear Programme :

  • Due to this programme lunched by District Administration now all the children of each class learning different story books other than text books.

5. Zero period :

  • It is a programme in which every school to develop inner skills of the children other than normal period.

6. Kitchen Garden :

  • In this programme all the schools are developing a Kitchen Garden from where they can cultivate different vegetables which will help and provide extra nutrition to MDM and our children.

7. Tale Basibaku Naa :

  • In this flagship programme utmost schools are providing bench and desk to the children. So that no children will seat on the floor.

8. Inclusive Education for Differently Abled students:

Inclusive Education is a major intervention under Samagra Sikshya Abhiyan. Different activities like Identification of CWSN at school & village level, Medical assessment of CWSN,provision of different allowances like escort,transport,girls stipend, uniform, books & stationery etc,provision of different aids & appliances for all category of CWSN, therapy training to CWSN,parents counseling, teacher training, skill development training, home based education training etc for both elementary & secondary level Differently Abled children’s are being undertaken under this intervention. There are 40 no’s Resource Persons (BRPs) and 125 Inclusive Education Volunteers ( IEVs) are working at block level for special support to CWSN.

9. Sikhya Sahayak Recruitment :

Sikhya Shayak Recruitment 2006-07 of SSA Ganjam

Sikhya Shayak Recruitment 2010-11 of SSA Ganjam

Sikhya Shayak Recruitment 2013-14 of SSA Ganjam

Sikhya Shayak Recruitment 2014-15 of SSA Ganjam

Junior Teacher order 2011-12 of SSA Ganjam

Junior Teacher order 2013-14 of SSA Ganjam

Junior Teacher order 2014-15 of SSA Ganjam

Junior Teacher order 2016-17 of SSA Ganjam