Water Resources


The Department of Water Resources has the mandate to plan, develop, utilize and manage the State’s water resources. The Department formulates Water Policy & State Water Plan so also undertakes execution, operation and maintenance of irrigation projects, exploration and regulation of ground water, flood control and drainage development works, command area development activities and allocation of water for various uses.

Brahmapur Irrigation Division with its headquarters at Brahmapur is one of the Divisions under the Superintending Engineer, Southern Irrigation Circle, Brahmapur. This Division is under the administrative control of the Chief Engineer and Basin Manager, Rushikulya, Vansadhara and Nagavalli Basin, Brahmapur under the Department of Water Resources, Government of Odisha. The office is functioning in the premises of Secha Sadan at Courtpeta, Brahmapur.

Organization Structure:

The Executive Engineer is the Head of the Office and the Drawing and Disbursement Officer of this Division. For smooth functioning of Office work in the Division, there are different Branches namely,

  • Estimating Branch headed by the Assistant Engineer (Estimator),
  • Accounts Branch headed by the Senior D.A.O
  • Establishment Branch headed by the Head Clerk and the Cash Section is maintained by the Cashier.
    To look after the different activities of the Division, there are one Assistant Executive Engineer and three Assistant Engineers in four Irrigation Sub-Divisions functioning under this Division namely,
    Assistant Executive Engineer, Brahmapur Irrigation Sub-division with headquarter at Brahmapur,
    Assistant Engineer, Hinjili Irrigation Sub-division with headquarter at Hinjilicut,
    Assistant Engineer, Rushikulya Irrigation Sub-division with headquarter at Humma
    Assistant Engineer, Dhanei Irrigation Sub-division with headquarter at Chirikipadasasan.
    Besides the above four sub-divisions, one Sub-Division of Chheligada Canal Division, Digapahandi has been redeployed to look after the works of Ghatakeswar Multi-Purpose Project under Brahmapur Irrigation Division

Activities of the Division:

Operation and maintenance of the following Major and Medium Irrigation Projects are under the jurisdiction of this Division. The system wise ayacut of these completed irrigation projects are as follows:

  • Rushikulya Irrigation System (Major Irr. Project): 41758.00 Ha. (Out of total 60122 Ha.)
  • Jayamangal Irrigation System (Medium Irr. Project): 7348.00 Ha
  • Hiradharbati Irrigation Project(Medium Irr. Project): 6309.00 Ha
  • Dhanei Irrigation Project(Medium Irr. Project): 4508.00 Ha
  • Baghua Dhanei Doab Irr. Project (Medium Irr. Project):1890.00 Ha

In addition to operation and maintenance of the above irrigation projects, this Division is also entrusted with the flood control works and maintenance of flood embankments in rivers Rushikulya, Ghodahada, Baghua, Dhanei, Kharkhari, Ghadaka system of total length 154.196 Km and saline embankment of total length 30.00 Km of Chilka lake.

Length of Embankment in Km.

Name of Division: Brahmapur Irrigation Division, Other Agricultural Embkt. (OAE.): 154.196, Saline Embkt. (SE): 30.00, Total: 184.196
Financial Sanction on the project in last three years:
Name of Division: Brahmapur Irr. Division, Year wise Sanction (Rs. In lakhs): 2007-08: 218.21, 2008-09: 327.82, 2009-10: 375.15, Total: 921.18

Flood Control initiatives:

This Division has taken the following steps and measures for protection of flood under its jurisdiction by receiving funds from State Plan as well as NABARD.

  1. Strengthening of embankment of Rushikulya River from Chanduli to Purushottampur.
  2. Modernisation of left flood bank of River Rushikulya from Mahachhai, Pandia, Purusottampur, Achhuli, Balia, Jaleswarkhandi and U.D.S.Pur


Successful Operation and maintenance of the major and medium irrigation projects under this division and stabilization of existing ayacut for providing better Irrigation facilities to the farmers.

Grievance Hearing:

Between 4.00PM to 5.00P.M. on working days.

Address of Head of the Office:

Executive Engineer, Brahmapur Irrigation Division
At.: Courtpeta, P.O.: Brahmapur, pin.: 760004, Ganjam district, Odisha, India
Tel. 0680-2281983

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